Woodstock Child Development Center

Ms. Len's Class

Ms. Len's Classroom

Ms. Len's room is in the classroom 12.

Our preschool/prekindergarten blended classrooms operate high quality programming using the state standardized curriculum; Desired Results Developmental profile (DRDP).  Research shows that children who attend high quality programs are more successful in school; have lower drop out rates, and they are better readers.


The California Department of Education (CDE), Child Development Division (CDD) has established the Desired Results System to improve program quality in early care and education programs across the state. 

In order to ensure that the children in our care receive high quality education, we address the “WHOLE CHILD”.  This means that we offer developmental guidance that is cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically stimulating.  We ensure the delivery of services is developmentally appropriate in our daily best practice. 


Staff is trained and coached by well respected seasoned state certified trainers, coaches and mentors in consistent monthly and on going staff professional development that are intentional-focused.


Our nurturing staff comprise of teachers with California State Teacher’s Permit and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Education of Early childhood or related field.  The staff ratio includes well qualified experienced and dedicated Assistant Teachers/Paraprofessionals. 


Our Title 5 state sponsored program ratio is competitive compared to other programs; our ratio is 1:8 preschool and 1:4 toddlers.  Our multilingual staff supports the family language of children in our care.  Languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese, French and Tagalog are spoken by staff and students. 


We have a growing parent participation that is fully supported by the administration and school district. Our partnership with the Alameda Family Services brings resources that are most rewarding to our community.

When our students may need services, we are at an advantage of sharing space with our special education program.  This brings a mutually supportive model for both programs; mainstreaming for the children with special needs and opportunity for our WCDC students to role model and diversity opportunity for all.